Fireplaces (Updated)

Hot off the presses, here’s a picture of the tile on the face of the master bedroom fireplace. As I said yesterday evening, the picture doesn’t really do justice to the richness of the color of the field tile. Of course, the supports and shims for the tiles still need to be removed and it needs to be grouted.


And here’s the front of the fireplace in the downstairs family room. As with the tile on the master bedroom fireplace the colors here aren’t really true—the field tile is a little deeper brick red than it appears in this picture. Just as above the shims and the supports for tiles need to be removed and it needs to be grouted. We’re planning on using a light grey/tan grout on the first floor fireplace, hearth, and kitchen and a deep brown grout on the master bedroom fireplace. BTW I put the water bottle over the gas connection to prevent the back door from being marred by striking the bare pipe. I don’t think that’s a problem any more and I’ll think about removing the bottle. I’ve sort of become accustomed to it there.

Pictures of the tile in the kitchen and butler’s pantry tomorrow.

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  • Andy Link

    Very nice. I take it wood burning fireplaces are still legal where you live? In my area they must be natural gas.

  • Yes, wood is still legal. However, our fireplaces are set up either for wood or gas.

  • bethie Link

    Awesome! The style of your house definately reflects the ambiance of someone who gew up in California. Almost, a contemporary footprint of the historical movement of human culture back and forth!! When we moved to upstate NY with all of our Southwest art it looked so odd because most of the interior design style here is a combo of traditional and” hunting” themes. You know, ducks and antlers..sort of Adirondack with a twist – think “Applebee’s”.

  • JD Link

    ok how do put the wood in the fireplace?

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