There’s more nonsense at Vox.com on why Canada is the least xenophobic country in the world.

The truth is much simpler. Canada screens its immigrants closely. It selects its immigrants and has done so for decades rather than its immigrants selecting them.

Under the circumstances that they have fewer issues with their immigrant population is to be expected.

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  • PD Shaw Link

    All the white dominions (Australia, Canada and New Zealand) promoted themselves as, in some ways more British than Britain, and to a core racial group of whites that were British, including Irish, Germans and Scandinavians. Some of this was very subtle, and was also true of the U.S. until the late 19th century. I don’t know how one could describe a country’s zenophobia based on the last several years.

  • Particularly when nearly all of your immigrants are college-educated and English-speaking, as is the case in Canada. We will have Canada’s test soon. For decades Sweden has been the most welcoming country in the world and, consequently, it’s gone from 1% immigrants to 15% immigrants in just a couple of decades. Saying “Enough! No more.” is not xenophobia. It’s just that societies have bearing limits.

  • ... Link

    Check out how Sweden has done in rape statistics as they’ve become more vibrant and diversely strong. It makes a great case for open borders!

  • gray shambler Link

    not that simple, Swedish women protesters are on record they prefer Syrian rapists to Swedish racists,

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