Father’s Day 2017

Fathers are in short supply here at Chez Schuler. Both my wife’s father and mine are deceased. I have not been blessed with fatherhood. Father’s Day here is a fairly somber affair.

I thought I’d commemorate the day by posting a picture of my dad. This is a picture of my father and three of my siblings. The occasion is either his birthday or Father’s day, the picture was probably taken by another of my siblings, and I’d guess it was taken about fifty years ago.

He was a fine and much beloved father, taken from us far too soon. Within a year or so of this picture he had died. He was formal and dignified in his speech and comportment, gave us love verbally and in his actions every waking moment of his life. I rarely heard him utter a cross word and I never heard him use coarse or profane language. He was clever, funny, wise, and courageous. He taught us how to think (like lawyers, of course). He taught us how to treat others—invariably with consideration and respect. The enormous zest he took in living was a model for us.

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  • CStanley

    That’s a lovely photo and tribute.

    And to you, how about, “Happy Pack Leader’s Day”?

  • Andy

    Nice tribute to your Dad.

  • Jan

    I loved how you described your dad, Dave. The warm, sentimental homage was fitting for Father’s Day, inviting all of us to recollect what our own dads meant to us.

  • Janis Gore

    Your love and admiration for your parents is something to behold.

    My dad was a tired, quiet man — a carpenter. On Sunday mornings he would drive my mother and I to the Commerce Street Newsstand in downtown Dallas to buy the London Observer, his only indulgence beyond Limberger cheese of all things.

    Back in the days when tots stood between their parents on the front bench seat.

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