Family Wedding

On Thursday morning bright and early I set off for Minneapolis for the wedding of my eldest nephew. So many roadblocks have been thrown up in front of air travel and it’s so uncomfortable that it’s hard to justify flying for anything but long hauls so I elected to drive.

The drive between Chicago and Minneapolis is pleasant and easy, a good deal of it through central Wisconsin, an area of considerable scenic beauty. I took it easy, stopping several times along the way for gas, lunch, and to go antiquing. The drive took about seven and a half hours. I had a reservation at the Sofitel in Bloomington. It was comfortable enough.

The wedding was on Friday in a big, old church built at the opening of the 20th century. My architect brother-in-law characterized its design as “eclectic”. Its windows were filled with the magnificent, old, saturated-hued stained glass you just don’t get anymore. Perhaps those rich, deep colors only come with age. I’m not sure.

My nephew is the first of his generation in my family to be married. He and his new bride are in their twenties, attractive, intelligent, talented, engaging, and hardworking young people, both gainfully employed with good jobs. I wish them all the best and every happiness.

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  • Claire Link

    I want to know where you go antiquing on the drive up through Wisconsin!

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