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As you may know the members of the Watcher’s Council each nominate one of his or her own posts and one non-Council post for consideration by the whole Council. The complete list of this week’s Council nominations is here.

Done With Mirrors, “Witness”

Callimachus reflects on the life and death of Benazir Bhutto.

The Colossus of Rhodey, “Ron Paul Tripped Up On “Meet the Press” Despite Making Good Points”

Hube considers Ron Paul’s interview on Meet the Press.

The Glittering Eye, “Primary Scenarios”

In my submission for this week I try to puzzle out what’s likely to happen in the upcoming caucuses and primaries, distinguishing the possible from the likely.

Big Lizards, “The Best Years of Their Lives: Hollywood and Franklin’s War”

Dafydd ab Hugh wonders why World War II eventually garnered so much support while support for the War on Terror has languished. His answer: Hollywood. I think that’s superficially right but calls for a follow-up: why did Hollywood support the war? That’s a question I’ve dealt with at some length. America’s Wilsonians were on board early; America’s Hamiltonians followed as the wars in Europe and Asia interfered with trade; America’s Jacksonians and Jeffersonians came on board when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Most importantly, America’s far Left, many of whom then as today were in the opinion-making trades, provably enlisted when Germany invaded the Soviet Union and socialism was threatened.

Wolf Howling, “The State Department’s Unilateral Foreign Policy”

I simply don’t know where GW got the ridiculous idea that the State Department wasn’t pursuing its own policies rather than serving as advocates for the policies preferred by the White House. Hasn’t he ever heard that the bureaucracy refers to the elected officials as “the temporary help”? GW delves into the State Department’s adversarial position.

Cheat Seeking Missiles, “Did Bush Get Jamie Lynn Pregnant?”

Laer takes on the argument that abstinence-only sex education programs are responsible for the 3% bump in pregnancy among teens. I see the irrational (and increasing) postponement of adulthood, the treatment of marriage as a temporary accommodation, and the low rate of teenage marriage as much bigger problems than teenage pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy has been the rule for millions of years. It’s the historically reduced rates of teenage marriage today that are the anomaly.

Soccer Dad, “The Freddys Seven”

Soccer Dad critiques Al Sharpton’s record, particularly with respect to antisemitism. I can’t speak authoritatively on this subject but I do recall that back in the 1960’s when activists and crime succeeded in driving the Jewish storekeepers out of the inner city it was decades before any stores came back into many neighborhoods.

Bookworm Room, “America Derangement Syndrome — Or, Yes, You Can Call Them Unpatriotic”

Bookworm reviews a book on Europe’s anti-Americanism. That it isn’t a new phenomenon shouldn’t surprise anybody, at least it doesn’t surprise me. As additional evidence I’d offer that Europeans have disdained every American president of my lifetime and I have no doubt that they’ll dislike the next on whatever the polls might say now.

The Education Wonks, “Our Wish List For 2008”

EdWonk has a list of things fondly wished, some of which I agree with, some of which I’m indifferent to. I disagree with this one:

We also think that it would be nice if Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her congressional colleagues accomplises had to put in a five-day workweek like the rest of us.

I’d rather they’d stay home in their districts much, much more. Maybe all of the time.

Rhymes With Right, “An Open Letter To Rep. John Davis”

Greg writes a letter to his Congressman. I doubt he’ll get much attention, especially as he’s asking his Congressman not to seek re-election. That’s a request very few take.

Right Wing Nut House, “Politics Anonymous”

Rick Moran addresses a meeting of a 12 step program for political junkies. Hi, Rick.

Joshuapundit, “Al-Qaeda’s Strategy Revealed In New Bin-Laden Tape”

Freedom Fighter analyzes the latest “Bin Laden” tape (I think that Osama bin Laden is a pile of rags, bones, and dust in a cave in Afghanistan).

Well, I’ve decided which posts I’ll vote for this week. Which posts would get your votes?

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