Eye on the Watcher’s Council

As you may know the members of the Watcher’s Council each nominate one of his or her own posts and one non-Council post for consideration by the whole Council. The complete list of this week’s Council nominations is here.

The Glittering Eye, “Zenpundit on the Super-Empowered Individual”

In my submission for the week I react to a post of Mark Safranski’s on the “super-empowered individual” with some observations of their history and influence.

American Future, “Why Not Turkey?”

Marc Schulman reflects on democracy and Turkey.  The problem with Turkey as a model for democracy in the Middle resides in history and ethnography.

Done With Mirrors, “Damned Fools”

Callimachus is upset with our abandoning the search for a missing U. S. soldier in Baghdad under pressure from the Iraqi government.  This is a case in point of something I’ve mentioned before:  our objectives in Iraq are mutually contradictory.

Rhymes With Right, “I Guess the Democrats Think I’m Really Important”

Greg responds to a Democratic detractor.  My concern here is that when indignation becomes too strident one runs the risk of alienating prospective allies.   There are ways and ways of expressing your feelings.

Soccer Dad, “Ahmadinejad’s Game”

Remember Iran?  Soccer Dad rounds up opinion on the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the dangerous game that Iran is playing.  I think that Mr. Ahmadinejad and the Iranian leadership, generally, are rational and, indeed, playing their hand very cannily.  I think that Iran’s star is in the ascendancy and there’s little we’re likely to do about it.

ShrinkWrapped, “The Democrats’ Looming Disapointment”

ShrinkWrapped posts on the likely disappointment of Democrats regardless of the outcome of the elections.  I agree to this degree:  that Democratic activists are very likely to be disappointed with what a Democratic Congress will be able to accomplish.

Right Wing Nut House, “Irony So Thick You Can Bathe in It”

Rick Moran considers the NYT’s revelation that documents relating to Iraq’s nuclear weapons development program were released and posted on the Internet.  I thought and continue to think that there was very, very little to this story.  Haven’t heard much about it lately.

AbbaGav, “Memo: No More October Surprises, November Bombshells NOW Please”

Gavriel has a wry post on the latest prospective scandals that might be revealed about Republicans in anticipation of the elction.

The Education Wonks, “Just Saying ‘No’ to Junior ROTC”

Edwonk reports on the plan to eliminate ROTC from San Francisco high schools.

Gates of Vienna, “A Stale Question: What Will It Take for the French to Rebel?”

I have an answer to Dymphna’s question but I doubt that she’ll like it:  the racailles are already rebelling because they are French, not because they are Muslims.

Joshuapundit, “Weekend Monkey Interviews Senator Kerry”

Freedom Fighter has an amusing post on John Kerry’s gaffe last week.

The Sundries Shack, “Sob Stories and Voter IDs”

Jimmie Bise pens a fine post on free and fair elections, fraud, and photo ID’s.  I think there’s an intrinsic tension between extending the franchise and prospects for fraud.  Should we have a universal franchise?  I don’t think so but without reasonable, commonsense measures in place to ensure that all and only those entitled to vote may do so, that’s what you will have by default.

Well, I’ve decided which posts I’ll vote for.  Which would get your vote?

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