Eye on Katrina

There are a number of posts about the hurricane and its aftermath that I think you’ll be interested in:

  • Winds of Change has a pair of excellent essays on Katrina this morning. The first is a rather pessimistic assessment of the actual situation in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. The second is an essay by “Marcus Cicero” (surely a contender for heavyweight champion essayist of the blogosphere). It’s on moral responses to disasters. These are both essential reading.
  • Anticipatory Retaliation has an interesting round-up of overseas responses to the Katrina disaster.
  • Survival of New Orleans is blogging from the New Orleans central business district. He’s on generator—for now. He wasn’t prepared for his fuel delivery so how long he’ll be “on the air” is anybody’s guess. First (and second) hand info from the heart of the disaster there. Pretty chilling stuff. Hat tip: VodkaPundit.
  • Cronaca cites a pair of articles on how the museums of New Orleans have weathered the storm. These articles were written before the levee broke.
  • Hurricane humor from Different River.
  • Austin Bay notes that Texas (and several other states adjacent to the affected areas) are opening their schools to students left schoolless by the hurricane. Yesterday Mayor Daley extended a similar offer.
  • The Left Blogosphere is organizing to raise contributions for hurricane relief. Good on ’em.

That’s the lot.

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