Everything You Need to Know…

…you can learn from watching old movies. You know, as I looked up and embedded that clip from Rebel Without a Cause in the last post, it occurred to me that I could probably locate an old movie clip (or sample one from my collection) appropriate to practically any news event or topic. It would certainly change the look and feel of this blog.

How young everybody was! All of the principal players are dead now: James Dean, Sal Mineo, Natalie Wood, Jim Backus, William Hopper, and, just back in 2010, Dennis Hopper. Corey Allen (Buzz) died in 2010, too.

Just the other night my wife and I were talking about the teen and ingenue players of the early 1950s. Quite a few of them are still around: Debbie Reynolds, Jane Powell, Leslie Caron, just to name a few. Not too many of the men left: Sidney Poitier, Tab Hunter, and Russ Tamblyn were the only ones I could come up with off the top of my head. Maybe a few others.

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  • Might be fun for you.

  • PD Shaw Link

    I’ve been to Dean’s hometown, and oddly when I was at the local museum they were showing a loop of Dean’s scene with Abraham Lincoln from an early TV drama (Westinghouse Studio One). I learned that being a soldier in the Civil War was no excuse for neglecting your hair.

  • Heartthrobs cain’t have messy hair!

  • You now, I’m taking my black Ariats to Texas. I wonder if my new BIL will teach me how to ride one of his motorcycles.

    He’s very safety conscious.

  • I’ll be staying in Nevada (Ne-vay-de), way out in the country.

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