Everybody Talks About It

The big news in Chicago as in much of the rest of the country is the weather:

Lots of freezing pipes, long underwear and cars that refuse to start.

These things are expected to arrive Monday along with a cold front that could bring the most frigid weather Chicagoans have ever experienced.

The record of minus 27 was set Jan. 20, 1985.

Monday’s high will be 6 below zero, according to the National Weather service. The low, expected to arrive in the evening, is predicted to reach minus 20, the weather service said.

“Breaking the record is not impossible,” said National Weather Service Meteorologist Gino Izzi.

“And wind chills are just going to be ungodly,” said Izzo, who noted that intermittent gusts up to 30 mph will hit the Chicago area Friday night and stick around for several days, bringing windchills of approaching minus 50.

I’m not sure how I’d make the decision on whether to open the Chicago Public Schools on Monday or not. I lean towards opening them. For a lot of the kids who attend they’ll be safer and more protected in school than if they stayed home. And better fed. For many kids the meals they get at school are the only decent meals they get.

On a side note, how I long for the days of the four Ws! Give us the news, guys. We don’t need a point-of-view.

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  • PD Shaw Link

    This is what happens in Obama’s America.

  • What baffles me is the folks who are touting this as evidence of climate change. This is weather, folks.

  • ... Link

    Aren’t days like this (it barely cracked 50 down here today, FIFTY!) why we NEED global warming? Hellfire (or rather its lack), we’re wasting an entire continent on friggin’ PENGUINS!

    But personally I’m hoping for a blast like this in the NYC area the first weekend in February. Bad decisions should be punished, although they usually aren’t.

  • PD Shaw Link

    The personal is political, why can’t the weather be?

    Our Monday forecast is a High of -2. I simply do not recall experiencing a high temperature in the negatives before.

  • Ben Wolf Link

    It’s a positive feedback: as arctic oscillation values become increasingly volatile the warm air moving north impedes ice formation.

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