I had to laugh, a rueful, sardonic laugh but a laugh nonetheless when I read the caption of this op-ed in the Wall Street Journal: “Early Withdrawal Will Lead to More Terrorism”. Also, failing to withdraw with lead to more terrorism. Doing something will lead to more terrorism. Doing nothing will lead to more terrorism.

Terrorism is endemic in the Middle East. There has been terrorism in the Middle East for at least the last millennium and a half. The differences between now and then are that then we just didn’t care and the population of the Middle East was staying in the Middle East. The Ottoman records are actually pretty clear on this subject. Every so often a Jewish village or a Coptic village or a Shi’ite village would be burned to the ground but what’s one Jewish or Coptic or Shi’ite village?

The problem with the Middle East is the Middle East. We should be looking after our actual interests in the region and otherwise maintaining a low profile there.

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  • Gray Shambler Link

    So often the neocon argument is we have to project power or the Russians or Chinese will. Well, let THEM bleed there.

  • Andy Link

    I think they are referring to international terrorism – ie. terrorism here.

    It’s kind of amazing the “fight them over they so we don’t fight them here” argument is still so common.

  • Obama’s premature withdrawal from Iraq certainly led to more terrorism and death.

  • jan Link

    Everything will be ok, as House Dems to shut down terrorism subcommittee — to focus on investigating Trump instead. Terrorism is no longer important – unseating Trump is where all the dem energy will be focused.

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