Dumping Windows Phones in India

How is this not dumping?

Microsoft seems to have got a little inspiration from Google in terms of licensing the Operating System. The company reportedly said to have waived off licensing fee for Windows Phone OS for its hardware partners in India. The company announced back at MWC that it will be partnering with Indian manufacturers like Karbonn, Xolo and Lava to make windows phones. This step from Microsoft indicates that it wants the Windows Phone OS to run on multiple devices just like Android.

With this the company will be able to offer affordable Windows Phones in India, currently Indian Windows Phone market is heavily dominated with Lumia phones from Nokia. Some of Nokia Lumia phones come in the affordable range while other are expensive and fall in the high end category. It was necessary for Microsoft to waive off the licensing fee to attract these Indian manufacturers who are currently bagging success on Android OS. Android OS is also free for license and all that a company has to pay is for the Google Services. Services like Gmail, Google Playstore, Google Talk are charged by Google, the OS is free and is open source.

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