Dulles Papers Online

Mark Safranski has pointed out that the papers of Allen Dulles, long-serving director of the Central Intelligence Agency, are now available online. Some commentary on the Eisenhower Administration follows Zen’s pointing out of the availability of the papers.

Interesting stuff. For example, see this note to Kermit Roosevelt just days after the fall of Mossadegh in Iran.

The Dulles family was quite an accomplished one with Allen’s brother, John Foster Dulles, serving as Eisenhower’s Secretary of State and their sister, Eleanor, also working for the State Department.

I thought I might add this as my contribution to the reminiscences about the Eisenhower Administration:

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  • Thanks Dave!

    The extended Dulles family was quite accomplished as it included not one but three SecStates ( Watson, Lansing, Dulles). That may be unique as far as I am aware and certainly puts them square in the old Establishment alongside such venerable families as Adams, Roosevelt and Bush.

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