Drinking Spree

Apparently it isn’t just “Florida man” who gets into all sorts of unlikely situations. If this report from ABC is to be believed so do Florida possums:

FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. — An opossum that apparently drank bourbon after breaking into a Florida liquor store sobered up at a wildlife rescue center and was released unharmed.

Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge officials say the opossum was brought in by a Fort Walton Beach, Florida, police officer on Nov. 24. A liquor store employee found the animal next to a broken and empty bottle of bourbon.

“A worker there found the opossum up on a shelf next to a cracked open bottle of liquor with nothing in it,” said Michelle Pettis, a technician at the refuge. “She definitely wasn’t fully acting normal.”

Pettis told the Panama City News Herald the female opossum appeared disoriented, was excessively salivating and was pale. The staff pumped the marsupial full of fluids and cared for her as she sobered up.

“We loaded her up with fluids to help flush out any alcohol toxins,” Pettis said. “She was good a couple of days later.”

Pettis says the opossum did not appear to have a hangover.

I just don’t know what to think of this younger generation of possums. Why would Pogo say? Maybe “Lookin’ back on things, the view always improves.”

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  • The heat just kind of messes with your head after a while.

  • Guarneri

    Hope you are doing well, ice.

  • A little older, a little more decrepit, largely ignoring the news.

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