Do You Want a Bill Or An Issue?

William Galston, who generally can be relied on to support President Biden, in his most recent Wall Street Journal column muses over whether Mr. Biden wants his wish list of proposals to be enacted into law or have issues for Democrats to run on:

I think there’s another possibility. At this point the Congressional Democratic caucus is only unified on one subject: they don’t want a Republican to be president not just now but after the 2024 election. President Biden may want some protection from the more fractious members of his own caucus. That’s how I reconcile Mr. Biden’s history with the executive orders and legislative proposals he’s been issuing which differ in some dramatic ways from what he has supported historically.

Maybe the question now should be whether he wants a bill, an issue, or insurance?

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  • steve Link

    McConnell won’t let any bill pass. This is idle speculation. The best he can accomplish is creating an issue.


  • Grey Shambler Link

    Maybe he’s got something there.
    When I hear Biden say his top economic issue is not Chinese mercantilism, but Racism. I’m confused.
    When he says his top foreign policy issue isn’t North Korean nukes, but climate change, I’m thinking, OK, what’s the gag?
    Maybe Galston’s onto something there.

  • walt moffett Link

    Creating a issue/insurance is how one gets eventually, amidst much obscuring noise, heat, smoke and fun house mirror gazing to the point after reelection, securing of sinecures for the favored, to the point of a law and appropriation to address the healthcare issue of hook worm infestation in Beverly Hills.

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