Distressing Results in the Latest Harris/Harvard Poll

There are a number of distressing findings in the most recent Harvard/Harris poll. Among them are that both political parties are “underwater”, i.e. the percentage of Americans disapproving of them exceeds the percent approving. Republicans are underwater by 10 points while Democrats are underwater by a whopping 20 points.

Most concerning of all at least to me is that 60% of Americans don’t think that Joe Biden is mentally fit to serve as president:

In April it was 53% Opinion is not moving in the right direction for him.

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  • bob sykes Link

    Biden is a senile pedophile, and Harris is little better than a street whore. They typify the Ruling Class of the entire West. The drunkard/pedophile Boris Johnson may finally be on the way out in Britain, as 41 ministers have resigned from the Cabinet. This was instigated by the resignation of a senior male aide to Johnson who was accused by several men of sexual assault.

    There is a huge problem of sexual depravity, especially pedophilia, among the American and European Ruling Classes. Pedophilia is the ultimate crime, and to succeed at it is the ultimate sign of true power. This has been true for hundreds of years.

    The West is in its death throes, and the Ukrainian war may be its burial.

  • steve Link

    “Biden is a senile pedophile”

    You forgot cannibal also. Democrats have sex with the babies then eat them. Think of the sex as tenderizing them.


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