Day Book, August 6

On this date the following happened:

1835: Anti-bank riots begin in Baltimore, Maryland.

1855: “Bloody Monday” Riot. A Louisville, KY mob, pulling a brass cannon, was dissuaded by the mayor from ravaging a Catholic church. It instead attacked the Irish quarter, burning down houses and killing at least 20.

1890: First electric chair execution in U.S., at Auburn Prison in New York.

1914: Austria declares war on Russia.

1945: U.S. drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan

The blogosphere has been curiously silent about any of these.

I’m particularly chagrined that my country has been the first and only country to use nuclear weapons in warfare to date. Did the bombing of Hiroshima save American lives? Did the bombing of Hiroshima save Japanese lives? Both of these subjects are still debated and I certainly don’t know the answers. But the fact remains that my country dropped the bomb.

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