Cursing the Darkness

This afternoon I entertained the idea of posting something at Outside the Beltway that wasn’t foreign policy related. I’d thought I might post a plea to eschew, at least for one comments section, the name-calling and finger-pointing that’s so typical and have everyone post their own affirmative suggestions for mending our ailing economy. After thinking about it for a while I recognized that it would be futile. The comments section would either garner very, very few comments or turn into a feces-flinging contest.

Me auld mither used to say “It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”. I can only speculate that not enough mothers have told their children that.

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  • I have one offer.

    Stop warehousing patients over weekends. The cost of that is enormous.

    But I don’t know how that’s done. With more imaging, which is happening already, you could do the test, then call someone in afterwards?

  • Icepick Link

    Such as it is, I made some suggestions a while ago. I hit something like 4000 words before I got tired and went to bed. There’s nothing to be done to magically fix the economy RIGHT NOW. We’ve spent decades borrowing ourselves into a hole, and it will take some time to dig out of it. And the biggest single fix we could do for the FUTURE would be to fix Medicare, but I have yet to see anyone propose anytihng that looks worthwhile in that regard.

    (Please note that I am referring to all US spending, not just US federal government spending.)

  • I’m pretty much done. I have little motivation to comment on blogs much anymore, much less maintain my own. OTB? Besides the Drew-Michael insult fests (which are entertaining) there is very little of value in the comments section.

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