Cover-Ups Without Crimes?

Brianna Ehley writes:

The Obama administration should seriously consider investing in better back-up systems, as emails requested by Congressional Republicans keep disappearing into the cyber abyss.After admitting to losing emails key to a congressional investigation of the Internal Revenue Service as well as a separate batch of emails at the Environmental Protection Agency, the administration said Thursday that some Obamacare emails also “might not be able to be retrievable.”That’s what Health and Human Services officials told lawmakers in a letter sent on Thursday. The emails were requested by House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA), who has been leading a spate of congressional investigations into IRS targeting of conservative groups as well as into Obamacare’s rocky rollout.

It is absolutely possible that what we are seeing here and on the part of the IRS officials are cover-ups without any underlying crimes. That’s characteristic of what’s called a Laager mentality. Wouldn’t be surprising under the circumstances.

However, it does make you wonder.

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