Watcher’s Council Nominations

This week I’ve been tapped to host the weekly Watcher’s Council nominations. In the interests of being a good host I think I’ll forego my regular commentary on the Council submissions and just present the nominations themselves.

Council posts

1 Wolf Howling
“Obama, Criminalizing Politics & Thinking The Unthinkable”
2 Rhymes With Right
“Gravel: Support Terrorist By Terrorizing Prosecutor And His Family”
3 Done With Mirrors
“Laid to Rest”
4 The Razor
“Rolling Stone: Size Doesn’t Matter”
5 Soccer Dad
“Not up to the standards of the national enquirer *UPDATED*”
6 The Colossus of Rhodey
“Great — One More Thing for Which to Blame the Jews.”
7 Bookworm Room
“Who would you want to spend time with”
8 Cheat-Seeking Missiles
“Edwards Fesses Up; Let The Games Begin”
9 The Glittering Eye
“Civis Americanus Sum”
10 Joshuapundit
“Fear And Loathing: The Psychosexual Element In Islam”

Non-Council posts

1 Slapstick Politics
“Top Ten Ways The DNC Is Like The Beijing Olympics”
2 Discriminations
“Is It An Insult To Call Obama An Affirmative Action Candidate?”
3 Slate
“The Columbia Journalism Review’s Division Over Dissent”
4 Pundita
“To any and all U.S. forces in Georgia: STAND DOWN”
5 The Hashmonean
“Common Denominator: Israel at Every Level is Prepared to Strike Iran”
6 Coming Anarchy
“Russia Is Speaking Victorian and Thinking Pagan”
7 National Review Online
“An Unplanned Education”
8 Right Wing Nut House
“Using Ridicule As a Weapon Could Backfire on McCain”
9 Skippy the Bush Kangaroo
“It Was 20 Years Ago Today…Everything Changed”
10 Roger’s Rules
“The crisis in Georgia, 9/11, and the lessons of gratitude”
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