While I’m on the subject of flowers, about a million years ago I used to give my prom dates corsages of purple and white heather with pink miniature rosebuds. I wonder if it meant anything to them.

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  • Red Barchetta Link

    I would like to be serious for a moment. I called on clients in Boston for years. Probably been there 50 times. Probably been on the corner of the bomb 25 times. This is personal. Pretty much like 9/11 when we lived in NY metro and I called my wife on the way into the city, with infant daughter, to say “turn around and go home.”

    I dont know who did this. I think President Obama and local authorities are doing all the appropriate things. We live in a dangerous world. Be thankful you or your loved ones were not there. And go safely and with eyes wide open.

  • jan Link


    Women remember flowers. Trust me on this one. My first boyfriend asked his Mom to use her car to take me to a high school dance. She refused. And, he had to take the old truck, instead. So, he decorated the cab of the truck with wild flowers — it was like a Rose Bowl float inside. I was so impressed, and often think of it with warmth to this day!


    Over-the-moon tragedies like what happened in Boston, are a reminder of the fragility of time — there are simply no guarantees to how long any of us will be here.

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