Conservatives Against Trump

Richard Epstein of the conservative Hoover Institution calls for Donald Trump’s resignation:

My fears are that he is too rigid and too uneducated to make the necessary shift to good leadership. By taking foolish and jingoist stances, Trump has done more than any other human being alive today to bring a sensible classical liberal agenda into disrepute. Then there is the matter of his character. The personal moral failings of the President include his vicious tweets, his self-righteous attitude, his shameless self-promotion, his petty resentments, his immoral flirtation with Vladimir Putin, his nonstop denigration of federal judges, his jawboning of American businesses, his predilection for conspiracy theories, his reliance on alternative facts, and his vindictive behavior toward his political opponents.

Hence, I think that there is ample reason to call for Trump’s resignation, even though I know full well that my advice will not be heeded. And this welcome outcome will not happen so long as the attack against him comes solely from progressive Democrats. Sensible Republicans should focus on the threat that he represents to their plan, and recall that the alternative is no longer Hillary Clinton, but Mike Pence. I think that Pence is unlikely to abandon the positive aspects of the Trump agenda, and there is some reason to hope that he will back off Trump’s suicidal positions on trade and immigration, and put a stop to the endless train of uncivil behaviors demeaning the office of the President. Some miracles happen, but a Trump transformation will not be one of them. Unfortunately, his excesses could power a progressive revival. Would that I had the power to say to Trump, “You’re fired!”

Like Dr. Epstein I think there’s no prospect whatever of Mr. Trump’s doing that.

Let’s tally up the box scores. Practically from November 9 Democrats have been calling for Trump to resign as have movement conservatives. There are likely to be many, many more. Trump’s approval rating among all Americans has declined somewhat from its post-inauguration highs but it’s just about the same among voters as it was on election day.

His approval rating will need to decline a lot more before there’s any real likelihood of his resigning.

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  • Jan

    How does all the vitriol, surrounding Trump’s first weeks in his presidency, assist the partisan divide in this country? If he were to resign would this stabilize world markets, or increase confidence in our own economy? Would our allies feel safer with a newly elected US president being sideswiped by political opposition so quickly? And, conversely, would the foes of the US be more emboldened or less emboldened by the leaks, chaos, which were able to successfully enable the dismantling of our CIC, before his full government was able to be seated?

    I can’t believe that the cacophony of disgruntled anti Trump partisans, calling for either his resignation or impeachment, is healthy, let alone helpful, discourse to be having right now – especially less than a month after his inauguration.

  • steve

    Overwrought. Not happening.


  • Ken Hoop

    Let’s be honest. The conservatives who still equate same with
    “classical liberalism” are not going to like any of the dynamic traditional conservative nationalist movements which are sweeping

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