Concerned About an Obama Foreign Policy?

If this article by Lord George Weidenfeld from Die Welt is any indication it’s possible that Europeans should be more concerned about the prospects for the foreign policy of an Obama Administration than for that of a Hillary Clinton Administration or a John McCain Administration. The column is short, to the point, and worthy of your attention.

Hat tip: The Moderate Voice

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  • Hillary Clinton intends to continue cultivating contacts with Europe as well as with al-Qaeda….

    Uh, Hillary wants diplomatic relations with al Qaeda? Surely that’s a misprint….

  • I went back to the original German. It may be a misstatement but it’s not a mistranslation.

  • Thanks for the additional translation. Any idea what they meant here? Perhaps they meant to write Taliban instead?

  • Could be but it pretty definitely says “Al Qaida”. Whoops! I just took a closer look at the German and I think the translation is badly flawed. I translate the first sentence as

    “From Hillary Clinton we can expect that she will continue to maintain contacts with Europe and U. S.-friendly regimes in Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, and Israel, threatened by Al-Qaeda and Iran.”

    That’s a big, big difference.

    I’ve complained to the web site hosting the translation.

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