Cold, No Snow

Today is the first truly cold day of the winter here in Chicago. When I rose this morning the temperature was -2°F with a windchill of -15°F.

My normal practice is to walk the dogs first thing in the morning. People in the neighborhood who don’t know me by name know me as “the guy who walks the white dogs”. Not today.

We have now gone for 327 days without an inch of snow—a record by a considerable margin. It’s cold and dry and there’s no real likelihood of snow in the next week.

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  • Drew

    Heh. The Havepoo (good lord) seems to be adjusting, her Cuban decent notwithstanding.

  • Andy

    It was a bit chilly here too, and breezy. I think it only got up to the low 60’s today.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  • PD Shaw

    Woooo, I go away for a couple of days and now the Glittering Eye has content and a weather feature. Its like USA Today.

  • Its like USA Today.

    You watch your phraseology.

  • PD Shaw

    OK, its like today’s USA Today tomorrow!!!

    . . .with an obvious humanist bent to its editorials. Do you seriously prefer illegal immigrants do all the work Americans don’t want to do or pay for? Why not create Neanderthal clones, so we don’t have to confront all those tough human rights dilemmas. Plus I hear they taste like chicken.

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