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Thanks to Charles Lipson for pointing this out to me. The ever-vigilant reporters at CBS Chicago noticed new content on the City of Chicago’s web site. The city is now providing helpful advice on what to do in the event of a nuclear attack:

CHICAGO (CBS) — What should one do in the event of a nuclear attack?

Not long ago, it seemed like an abstract question. That was before President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who have been escalating military threats recently.

Just today, Trump said his earlier warning about bringing “fire and fury” upon the communist nation may not have been tough enough. When asked what could be tougher, he said, “Well you’ll see.”

The threat of nuclear war is much scarier that the reality, as the New York Times notes in this report.

Still …

The City Of Chicago, as it happens, has a whole page dedicated to the topic on its website.

The city’s advice is here. It includes the following:


  • Turn away and close and cover your eyes to prevent damage to your sight
  • Drop to the ground face down and place your hands under your body
  • Remain flat until the heat and two shock waves have passed


  • Find something to cover your mouth and nose, such as a scarf, handkerchief, or other cloth
  • Remove any dust from your clothes by brushing, shaking, and wiping in a ventilated area. However, cover your mouth and nose while you do this.
  • Move to a shelter, basement, or other underground area, preferably located away from the direction that the wind is blowing.
  • Remove clothing since it may be contaminated. If possible, take a shower, wash your hair, and change clothes before you enter the shelter.
  • Charles’s reaction to the advice is wryer than mine. Mine is that if there is any line between providing reassurance and helpful advice and making blooming idiots of yourselves, they’ve crossed it. It might bear mentioning that this is the same Chicago that refused to make its disaster management plan public, against DHS recommendation.

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