Changing Places

After two weeks in the hotel, my stay over here has been extended by one week and they’ve decided to change my accommodations. I have moved from the hotel to an apartment and I couldn’t be more delighted.

I’m now in a spacious two bedroom apartment, each bedroom with en suite as they say over here, meaning with attached bath. It’s actually quite luxurious and best of all from my point of view: I have a kitchen.

My apartment is located in a row of what must have been prosperous Regency row houses no more than a few blocks from city center. Right in city center there’s a large, nice grocery store where I picked up a few essentials: oatmeal, sausages, toothpaste, strawberries, beer, bread. A few doors down from the supermarket there was a cheesemonger (French as it turned out) from whom I purchased a nice selection of local cheeses, very reasonably priced as well as some fresh eggs. If you’re interested the cheeses are Bath Blue, a locally made Brie-style soft cheese which I had sampled elsewhere and found delicious, and Wyfe of Bath, a locally made Gouda-style cheese. I will have a nice dinner of cheese, bread, and beer.

A few blocks from the cheesemonger I found a tea shop that had been recommended to me. I purchased several different varieties of loose tea. With that and the P. G. Tips, I feel like I’m settling in.

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  • Guarneri Link

    C’mon, Dave. Why don’t you take steves suggestion and be more direct? So the tryout with Manchester United went well and you simply have to stay another week.

  • Andy Link

    Be careful, it’s a tough place to leave – at least until winter comes.

  • ... Link

    Schuler lives in Chicago. I’m guessing wintering in Bath wouldn’t be a big deal.

  • jan Link

    It sounds like you’re having a wonderful experience, Dave.

  • Andy Link


    You’re probably right. The trouble with the UK is how far north it is which, in the winter, makes the days very short. Add in the the clouds and cold, dreary rain and it gets pretty depressing.

  • We Yanks frequently forget how far north Britain and the Continent are. Just for comparison St. Louis is at roughly the same latitude as Rome.

  • What’s shocking to me is that Shanghai is the same latitude as New Orleans.

  • Let’s put it another way. London is north of Vancouver.

  • Washington or Canada?

    The days in Ireland outside Dublin in what 1998? started at about 4 am and went dark at about 10:30 pm midsummer.

  • Canada.

  • Cstanley Link

    @Janis- I’m convinced that New Orleans exists in another dimension and latitude can’t explain it’s climate. It is otherworldly.

  • Andy Link

    England is in the same latitude band as southern Alaska. The winters are very dark – on the winter solstice there is less than 8 hours between sunrise and sunset. Summers though, are glorious.

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