Ch. Kendara’s Notorious, 1998-2014

Her complete formal name was Ch. Kendara’s Notorious RA, OA, AXJ, NJP, WSX. We called her “Tally”. More affectionately, “Roo”, after her characteristic call. If you pay close attention, dogs will tell you their real names and that was hers.

When she came to us she was a tiny puppy with an enormous spirit, a spirit reflected in the way she stood up to Qila, our full-grown male Samoyed. When she left us, she was a thin, wan shadow of what she had been in her prime, still completely equipt with that enormous spirit.

She was born out-of-doors. Our breeders found her in their backyard, a tiny newborn puppy. There was nowhere she would rather be than outside. That was true right down to the very last time I took her out. When outside her step was surer, she was more confident, she was more at ease. The grass beneath her feet gave her a solid footing and there was nothing to run into that might injure her or that she might overturn.

She excelled at everything. She finished her championship in just one month. She loved the activity, excitement, and teamwork of agility. She was our lead dog. When she could no longer run as she once had, she loved working with my wife in rally obedience. Those letters following her name represent her many, many titles.

She was an outstanding therapy dog. She was our friend.

The 10:00am Howl
Chicagoland Samoyed Club Summer Specialty Show, 2006
Dog Pictures on a Beautiful Fall Day
Life in a Dog Pack: Old Age
Tally at 13
Tally at 14
Tally at 15

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    I’m sorry for your loss, Dave.

  • From what you have written of her, she was clearly a great dog who had a family that cared for her.

    Sorry for the loss of your friend and companion.

  • TastyBits

    I am sorry for you and your wife’s loss.

  • mike shupp

    Ah hell, I am so damned sorry for your loss — and her’s.

  • jan

    Condolences to you and your wife, Dave. It’s amazing what a great void a dear friend like Tally can leave.

  • Andy

    My condolences on the loss of a dear friend.

    Clearly Tally was loved as few dogs are and she returned that love in equal measure.

  • michael reynolds

    That’s a tough thing to have to endure, David. Sorry that pain is coming your way.

  • Thank you all for your kindness. Several of our friends have said on occasion that when they died they wanted to come back as a dog in our household.

    One of the things I hadn’t realized was how invested I was in Tally’s care. Somewhat the same phenomenon as when people who’ve been carrying for an elderly relative after the relative dies. It’s not just the loss of the person but the loss of the responsibility that leaves a gap.

    Pain is part of the bargain.

  • steve

    Our condolences to you and your wife and the rest of the pack.

  • CStanley

    She seems to have been an extraordinary dog. I’ve enjoyed the photos and stories- thank you for sharing her. May the void be filled by the memories.

  • Modulo Myself

    I’m really sorry for your loss. Condolences to you and your wife, Dave.

  • Piercello

    My condolences, Dave.

  • You know my love for my furry children, so you know how my heart aches for you on the loss of this one.

  • TastyBits

    @Dave Schuler

    One of the things I hadn’t realized was how invested I was in Tally’s care. …

    I did. Taking care of any animal (human or otherwise) is a lot of work, and end of life care is probably the hardest.

    … elderly relative …

    Tally was part of your family. In my world, bringing somebody (human or otherwise) into your home makes them family, and they obtain the benefits of family membership.

    Pain is part of the bargain.

    If a thing is worth doing, the pain is worth enduring, and the memories are worth keeping.

  • jan

    I can echo what Tasty said about caring for an animal. I’ve stayed up all night with mine, much like I’ve done with my son when he was young. It’s just what you do, and afterwards you wonder what to do with the time that has now opened up and become available for other things. Caring for others, IMO, is energetic work that cannot be adequately explained.

  • Sorry about that. My condolences, too.

  • Sorry about that. My condolences, too.

  • ...

    Sorry to hear about your brother, Janis.

  • TastyBits

    @Janis Gore

    I am sorry about your brother.

  • John Brower

    I just saw this on Mary’s Facebook. I’m so sorry for you and Janice and the rest of the “kids”! What a loss. I’m in tears when I think about Tally and the love that you all gave her. Of course the love you received from her is even greater. Sending love to you all!!!
    John and Mary

  • Remember what the black cook at Tiger Mart said, “We aren’t here to stay.”

  • Yes, Janis. Condolences on your brother.

  • You know, you do have a new baby in your house. Grief only goes so far.

  • Life is not for the weak-hearted.

  • Ann Julien

    I will miss you, Tally! Queen o’ the Pack. Ann Julien August 16, 2013 at 1:35 pm

    O Tally Roo
    O Tally Roo
    Your howling ways delight me!
    Not only when no stairs you’ll climb
    But also when your eyes meet mine.
    O Tally Roo
    O Tally Roo
    You’re queen of all who sight you. Love you, girl!

  • Dave,

    Late to the news but I’m sorry for your loss. Sixteen years is a great run but a long time to be embedded in your daily life.

  • Susan Glenn

    Mark and I send our deepest condolences to you both. Thank you for sharing a profile of her in a beautifully written and heartfelt post. She was a remarkable dog, with a wonderful spirit.

  • Claire

    It was so sad to hear this news, David. My heart goes out to you and Janice. We will all always remember Tally and the long, wonderful life she had. We were lucky to be part of it. Some of my favorite memories are waking up at Winding Brook or your house and hearing that happy Tally “roo.” Love you.

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