Catching my eye: morning A through Z (humor edition)

My, humor was hard to come by this morning in the blogosphere. Here are a few things that caught my eye:

Slim pickin’s. Got anything else? Whimsy preferred over satire.

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  • Personally, I think Rosie is MUCH worse than Star, & they will rue the day they invited that nutjob on…

  • Agree completely. Rosie has gone off the deep end.  I give the whole thing a season with the new cast.
    While I’m happy for Star’s weight loss for her health and (hopefully) self-image, I think that fat Star’s persona was better television. Something about the voice, I think.

  • Yeah, they should replace her with Mo’Nique. But then just about ANY show would be better with Mo’Nique!

  • I could never get into The Parkers (I can’t get into most sitcoms). But I agree that she’s talented and interesting. And definitely a character.

  • love the knitted critters! At first I was a little afraid that the link would lead to some place where they shave yorkies and take their hair and turn it into yarn.

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