Catching my eye: morning A through Z

Here’s what’s caught my eye this morning:

  • This post from Lounsbury, posting about what he knows best (MENA business and economics), suggests that the lack of understanding between officials of MENA governments and U. S. officials is mutual. This, I think, was behind one of the major mistakes of the U. S. occupation of Iraq: that U. S. government officials didn’trecognize the implications of the Iraqi government being the major employer in Iraq i.e. that, when the government fell, the economy would collapse, too.
  • Don’t miss John Burgess’s commentary on a column in Arab News on the end of the American Era in the Middle East.
  • I found this post on PaleoJudaica, which touches on the life of a travelling salesman in antiquity, interesting.
  • Check out this post at Rishon Rishon on the confluence of politics and linguistics.
  • Bill Roggio reports on the good times in Taliban Waziristan.

That’s the lot.

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