Catching my eye: morning A through Z

Here’s what’s caught my eye this morning:

  • Marc Schulman of American Future is without question the finest news aggregator in the blogosphere. Check out this post on the British airline terror plot.
  • Shannon Love of Chicago Boyz notes that, if you’re worried about a loss of freedom, you should be more concerned about the ability of the government to provide basic physical and economic security.
  • Bill Roggio of Counterterrorism Blog comments on Operation Forward Together, the joint Iraqi-American operation to secure Baghdad.
  • Menzie Chinn of Econbrowser explains why manufacturing matters.
  • Mark in Mexico says that the teachers’ strike in Oaxaca is bad and getting worse.
  • The Big Pharaoh says that Arab countries have to shift gears.
  • The Washington Realist tells it like it is on Kosovo.

That’s the lot.

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