Catching my eye: morning A through Z

Here’s what’s caught my eye this morning:

  • Dan Berczik of Bloggledygook posts an email from his daughter, currently living in Bombay.
  • I haven’t completely made up my mind about this: This War is For REAL! There are some parts of it I agree with, some I’m not sure of, and some I disagree with. I certainly agree with the call for national unity. I have no idea how that could happen or what form it would take. Hat tip: Consul-at-Arms
  • Callimachus of Done With Mirrors casts some light on the Bombay/Mumbai issue.
  • Econbrowser notes the enormous growth in the market for automobiles in China. I think the Business Week article is more informative than the ones to which Dr. Hamilton links. A couple of other points to recall: China is subsidizing domestic oil consumption which would tend to stimulate their thirst for automobiles and China is producing automobiles domestically (and, soon, in the U. S.). I think that the Chinese are about to do to the Japanese and Koreans what the Japanese and Koreans did to GM. What’s the world production capacity for automobiles? Sustainable?
  • Russia’s problem: authoritarian syndrome
  • Tigerhawk posts some reactions to the incident in Mumbai yesterday from the web site of an Indian broadcaster. I’m still searching for analysis on the likely political impact of the incident.

That’s the lot.

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