Catching my eye: morning A through Z

Here’s what’s caught my eye this morning:

  • If you haven’t gotten completely bored by the discussion of the Miers nomination yet, Baseball Crank has a very good post on the subject. I think he’s a little too easy on the elitist snots who immediately rejected her nomination without serious consideration because they didn’t know what her qualifications were and she didn’t seem to have the right brand names. But it’s a good post nonetheless and I commend it to your attention.
  • At least some people have their priorities straight. Exclamation Mark’s blog is devoted to reviewing old horror movies. Hat tip: Michelle Catalano.
  • What would Jesus bet? Hat tip: Boing Boing, of course.
  • I think that the Chinese Law Prof Blog has really got a handle on something here. The problem with the IRS is that it doesn’t have a motivational song. Any prospective composers out there?
  • Different River comments on a woman who was arrested for sitting on a park bench without a child. In the United States. And makes the right connection: this is part of the creeping police state of arbitrary law enforcement. Think about the guy who was beaten by the NOLA police. Do you really think that the NOLA police arrest and beat up everybody who’s drunk and disorderly there? They’d be exhausted. No, they pick and choose.
  • Another case of priorities in the right place: donut blogging from
  • Has Typepad lost its mind today?

That’s the lot.

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