Catching my eye: morning A through Z

Here’s what’s caught my eye this morning:

  • A Little Left of Centrist reports that Rock and Roll pioneer Fats Domino has been rescued in New Orleans. He’d been reported missing.
  • Michelle Catalano is organizing a school supplies drive for victims of the hurricane.
  • A tale of two sets of blogads. AmbivaBlog, grotesquely, has been graced with a set of ads for gracious touristing in the New Orleans French Quarter. New Orleans-based Ernie the Attorney on the other hand has ads for mold testing, damage restoration, and insurance claims. This stuff is under the control of Google, isn’t it? Which do you think is the more effective set of ads?
  • Radley Balko is collecting examples of generous offers of assistance from other countries. So is Chuck Simmins. I believe we ought to accept some of these offers, particularly from nations we assisted after the tsunami struck earlier this year. Not because we need to but because they need us to. There are some things that are more important than pride and being gracious is one of them.
  • Hugh Hewitt has some interesting suggestions on the courses of action the federal government should start taking now in response to the Katrina disaster (in addition to the relief efforts in progress).
  • Bill Hobbs makes a very good point: why weren’t the buses of the New Orleans transit system used to take New Orleans’s poor out of the city? Fat lot of good they’re doing now.
  • Kevin Drum has a short relevant history of FEMA. However, I think he should go back a little farther. Every head of FEMA has been a political crony.

That’s the lot.

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  • I’m glad to hear about Fats Domino… Someone told me yesterday that he was missing. A little good news on the day.

  • A severe case of hindsight 20/20 on Bill Hobbs’ part — but a great idea to keep in mind for future major hurricane threats.

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