Catching my eye: Friday A through Z

I really need to get back to posting these round-ups again. Here’s what’s caught my eye today:

  • Dan Berczik of Bloggledygook posts what I hope is only the first in a series of food-blogs on his recent trip to Paris and London.
  • I haven’t visited Westerville, the Red State Lake Wobegone, in a while but Dennis the Peasant tells us that the Westerville Minutemen are building a wall.
  • Dan Darling of Regnum Crucis brings up a good point about the al-Qaeda roadmap that was apparently found among the materials found in his hideout: who was the target audience for the document?
  • John Burgess of Crossroads Arabia relays a satiric anecdote that’s both amusing and, perhaps, sadly true.
  • Musings on the impact Zarqawi’s death will have in Iraq from The Washington Realist.

That’s the lot.

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