Carnival of the Vanities #134

The 134th edition of the Carnival of the Vanities, a self-selected sampler of posts from bloggers representing many different points of view on a wide range of different topics, is now available for your reading pleasure. Find a new favorite blog! It may be here.

This week’s CotV is hosted by Dr. Zen of yeah whatever and I must say the good doctor certainly has a distinct point-of-view and he’s not shy about showing it to you. There’s an honesty to this Carnival that I found pretty refreshing.

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  • Doc (Zen) was crying about how it took him a million years to get the carnival situated.

    And his effort is well worth taking a look into, man. There is, collected in one place, a gathering guaranteed to quicken the pulse and tighten the buttocks.

    The Good Doctor rawks the joint.

    Father Luke

  • I did take a look at it, Father Luke. And I liked what I saw.

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