Bloggers commenting on Hurricane Rita

Several bloggers on my regular rounds are in the path of Hurricane Rita and are commenting.

  • Beldar says that the enormous traffic jams in Houston are due to people who aren’t in the mandatory evacuation area leaving anyway. He’s in Houston, on higher ground, and staying put.
  • Blog-friend Jeff Medcalf of Caerdroia says that Dallas is preparing for a lot of rain. He’s got the kids, the Mrs., and the car ready to go if the power goes out.
  • Rainbough Phillips at Catallarchy says that folks in Austin are overreacting and acting like nuts.
  • Alice Banchini, also in Austin, concurs.
  • Aziz Poonawalla of City of Brass has already bugged out of Houston.
  • Ted Barlow of Crooked Timber has left Houston and is now in DC.

I’ll keep updating this as I make my regular rounds.

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