Battleground State

One of the things I noticed on my driving trip through central Wisconsin of the last several days was the large collection of dueling political signs, billboards, and bumper stickers. Typical of the contending factions were these two:

(On a Prius) “Recall Walker”

(On a pickup truck) The Gadsden Flag

I was also taken aback on one occasion at a billboard complaining about “leftists”.

I’ve driven through Wisconsin quite a bit over the years and I don’t ever recall seeing the sheer amount of signage.

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  • steve Link

    I like reading history. I suspect you do also, or at least appreciate its value. These regular attacks on liberals or leftists rather than just the politicians holding those views seems a little unusual. While politics has always been a blood sport, it seems to me that it has largely been confined to the politicians themselves. I work with people who mostly identify as being on the right, even far right, yet I think they are mostly decent guys. I see no need to personally attack them. This all seems odd. (We have a number of those billboards in my area deriding leftists.)


  • Icepick Link

    Look for it to get worse before it gets better.

    I think Obama isn’t going to get what he wants out of the debt deal. Raising the debt ceiling by $2.1 trillion may not get him completely past the next election. Recent data on the economy shows that it is (officially) sliding back into recession territory, so tax revenues will start to drop. Come October of next year we may be back in the middle of another crisis to raise the debt ceiling.

  • Don Link

    Just prior to the 2004 presidential elections, I drove west from Madison, Wisconsin via Route 14 past Spring Green to Boscobel (along the Wisconsin River). Was amazed at the considerable number of political signs, as well as how evenly they were divided between Republican and Democratic. However, do not remember any signs of the type you describe as complaining about “leftists”.

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