Bath Views

This is a view looking down the street of the main shopping area. I caught it at just the right time—everybody is having dinner.

This is a picture of the brasserie where I had dinner tonight. I gather it’s part of a small but rather ritzy chain owned by a chap named Blanc. I had a sort of reimagining of classic fish and chips. It was a grilled halibut filet on a bad of mashed green peas with a few french fries and a remoulade sauce on the side. It was tasty but, honestly, nothing special.

It did, however, hit the spot. I found myself better able to form thoughts than since I’d arrived in the country. For reasons of time and energy nearly the only meal I’ve been eating is breakfast. It comes with my room and I do love full English breakfast.


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  • Ben Wolf

    Fits with my personal experience of English cooking: Ok. Not thrilling, but Ok.

  • jan

    ” I gather it’s part of a small but rather ritzy chain owned by a chap named Blanc.”

    You’re already turning into a Brit, Dave!

    BTW, I’m enjoying your photo postings, as I’ve never personally been off this continent.

    In my immediate years after college there were neither the means nor time to travel abroad, only a wistfulness to do so. Consequently, I loved taking friends to the airport. Now, that we have the means, a little more time, our inclinations to explore the world has diminished, and energies are spent going up and down the coast between rural northern and metropolitan southern CA places.

    However, I continue to relish the comments and observations from those who do take the global plunge, like you’re doing via this business trip.

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