April U. S. Casualties in Iraq

I see that Spencer Ackerman is outraged at the 51 Americans that died in Iraq last month. From iCasualties here’s the number of deaths our forces have experiences in the month of April since we invaded in 2003:

Year Casualties
2008 51
2007 104
2006 76
2005 52
2004 135
2003 74

Yes, we’ve had fewer deaths in Iraq in the month of April this year than in any April since we invaded. BTW quickly eyeballing the statistics suggests to me that April is usually our worst month or, maybe, second worst to November. Let’s hope that’s the case.

I mourn each and every death and if I’d had my way none of our soldiers would be killed in Iraq. But I didn’t get my way and the question now is whether it would be better for us and the Iraqis if we left now or if we left when the country was more stable than it is now. I think the former but, then, I care about the Iraqis, too.

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