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  • I found a Cookie Monster bandana today at Dollar General for $2.50.

    Pretty silly. I had a picture to frame and had to bring my bill up to $5 for credit on Amazon.

  • The picture is a quite nice drawing of the Robert E. Lee. steamboat racing The Natchez.

  • Drew

    I wasn’t going to comment on this whole crime, and was prepared to give Pres Obama kudos for avoiding the temptation to politicize it as he claimed day 1.

    My how things change.

    I am fundamentally in agreement with Dave’s comment, although I might avoid the “scourge of our time” notion. The bottom line is that the world has, and has always had, some evil, and some mentally ill people who can wreak havoc in a free society.

    “It must be video games.” “It must be guns.” “It must be the media.” It must be………….everything but evil and mentally ill people, it seems. Continued denial will not be helpful. But the left are experts at avoiding personal accountability. As I understand it, those supposedly bullied kids who did Columbine, were in fact mean spirited bullies. Not reported. As I also understand it the worst school massacre was not in Newtown last Friday. It was courtesy of dynamite in 1927. Not reported. Doesn’t fit the narrative.

    And that brings me to Obama, who I was happy to see say the right thing right after the event….end then devolve into the worst and crassest political advantage seeker. Despicable. I guess the corpses are sufficiently cold.

    One wonders what the anti-gun bill will eventually look like. Perhaps it will look exactly like the pork laden “Supestorm Sandy” bill. The photo ops are done. So let the pork riders go in and the victims be damned.

    If I’m correct, the city of Chicago alone will generate about 500 gun deaths this year. Where is the outrage? Minoritiy victims, mostly, to boot. Where was Obama? His state. His city. His mayor. Politically uncomfortable??? But twenty in CT – children – in the world of the left………..just meat for political advantage. How do they look themselves in the mirror??

  • It looks like this, Mr. Dave.

  • The riverboats are $12 and the frame was $4.

  • michael reynolds

    Yes, there has always been evil, and it has always been our duty to fight it.

    100% of shootings involve guns. Funny, that. Get rid of guns you get rid of shootings. See how easy?

    Yeah, I know the gun cult members freak out at the mention of legislation. So I’m talking about hearts and minds. Owning a gun puts other people at risk. It’s time to make owning a gun at least as anti-social an act as lighting up a cigarette in a crowded room. I’m going to put some effort into stigmatizing gun ownership. It’s time to limit the spread of this sickness to the next generation and confine it to the past.

  • I’f I’d known guns were in the house and knew how to use them, when Michael called me a bitch in my own kitchen, I’d have shot him.

    It’s that simple.

    As it was, I used language a sailor would have blushed at.

  • I painted the GD kitchen, for Christ’ sake!

  • Saved about $3000 there.

  • Not that he’s worth killin’.

  • I’ve really got to get over this, Steve V. I don’t think grief counseling is gonna go it.

  • “It must be video games.” “It must be guns.” “It must be the media.” It must be………….everything but evil and mentally ill people, it seems.

    I pointed this out too. The “it must be video games” crowd are truly despicable.

    Video games like World of Warcraft and Starcraft are huge. You have millions and millions of players. So, what are the chances that of those millions there are a people who have the characteristics to become mass murderers/spree killers? Probably a fair number.

    I bet if we look at the last 10 mass murders/spree killers we’d find that

    1. Most of them ate bread.
    2. Most of them use a fluoridated toothpaste.
    3. Most of them were vaccinated.
    4. Most of them drank pasteurized milk.
    5. Most of them watched 1 or more episodes of Star Trek.

    In other words, the occurrence of event A then event B does not mean A caused B. Classic post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy of reasoning.

    Or think of it this way, Google Our Gang and curse. Some argue that the Our Gang actors are cursed by listing how many of the kids had something bad happen to them in the decades that followed. However, when you look at relative rates for the various bad events and applied it to similarly sized groups you get approximately similar numbers.

    100% of shootings involve guns. Funny, that. Get rid of guns you get rid of shootings. See how easy?

    You’ll never accomplish it here in the U.S. Even if you stigmatize it. However, passing legislation that makes dealing with people who are mentally ill easier is probably vastly more politically feasible. My argument is spend your time and energy where it is most likely to produce a good result.

  • And I think we need a huge argument on ethics.

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