Another Lance

I’ve been hearing the name “Lance” quite a bit in the last several days and weeks and it’s caused an old memory to resurface. One of my schoolmates was called “Lance”. His given name wasn’t Lancelot. It was Delancey.

He was one of the funniest guys I’ve ever known, bar none. I guess humor is a defense mechanism.

Haven’t heard from him in years but I’ve seen him on TV every one in a while.

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  • Cstanley Link

    Your title brought a cute memory to mind…

    At the height of Lance’s career, my son was two or three years old and often heard his name associated with cyclists (my husband is a cyclist and follows the sport.) We attended a few local races, including the now defunct Tour de Georgia where Armstrong was riding. Shortly after that, having heard us shout “There’s Lance!” when the peleton raced by, our son started calling our attention to all cyclists by saying, “Dad, there’s another Lant!”

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