Today marks the sixth anniversary of this blog. Over the period of the last six years I have written nearly 5,500 posts and had more than 1,000,000 visitors. These days I’m getting about 1,000 hits per day.

Over the period of the last year I’ve come much closer to accomplishing one of the goals I had when I began posting: the discourse here has become much more lively. I hope that trend continues.

I’d also like to thank, once again, Joe Katzman of Winds of Change, my primary inspiration for blogging, Dean Esmay of Dean’s World whose invitation to publish the Carnival of the Liberated exposed me to a wider audience, and James Joyner of Outside the Beltway, whose invitation to become an associate blogger there exposed me to an even wider audience and, importantly, renewed my interest in blogging. Doing virtually all of my foreign policy blogging at OTB, as I promised James I would do, has been quite a challenge, like writing verse in the sonnet form or swimming with one hand behind your back. It’s caused me to focus on other things here at The Glittering Eye.

I’d also like to thank my regular readers here who inspire me, energize me, goad me, and keep me honest.

My previous anniversary posts are here:


I don’t seem to have posted a first anniversary post.

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  • PD Shaw

    Happy Anniversary, Dave. You run a good blog. I learn a lot from you and the commentors.

  • Me, too. I learn a lot from the commenters, too. About Jevons paradox, for example. 😉

  • steve

    Keep up the good work. I may harass you but you run a good faith blog. In my own writings at my own blog I am never quite so over the top, but you respond well and make me rethink my positions. Your commenters do also.


  • Michael Reynolds

    Best individual blog around, period.

  • Brett

    Definitely one of my favorite blogs, with some of the better discussions. And as Michael Reynolds puts it, probably the best individual blog that I read.

  • Drew

    Let me join this lovefest. You run a fine blog here and I sincerely wish you continued success. Its a fine mix of topical issues that allow for commentary ranging from the serious to the lighter.

    And if there is anything I can help you with on that “lively” thing, you just let me know.

  • Congratulations on six years of great work.

    Keep it up.

  • DaveC

    Second that: Best most thoughtful blog around; I very regularly visit because I think that you have wise perceptions about current events. But.

    You said that the drive to St Louis is the most boring EVAR!

    Try cutting over to US 100, and check it out. The drive down the Illinois River there is very scenic with houses on stilts (if the road is not completely flooded), and the bluffs and cliffs on the drive beside the Mississippi River south of Pere Marquette State Park are awesome.

    There are pelicans and all manners of strange migrating waterfowl as well along the way this time of year. Illinois some has outstanding scenic natural beauty, and this is a great place to see.

  • DaveC

    Oops, that is state route 100. Anyway, cut over to it west of Havana or south of Interstate 72, and see what I mean, if you have a couple extra hours. You’ll see what I mean. Stop for a bite to eat in Grafton.

  • Congrats Dave!

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