Andrew Olmsted Killed in Iraq

Blogger, fellow Watcher’s Council member, fellow OTB associate blogger, and generally decent guy Andrew Olmsted has been killed in Iraq. After being recalled to active service he ceased blogging at his own sight, posted reguarly at Rocky Mountain News, and still snuck in a post or two as “G’Kar” at Obsidian Wings.

I corresponded with Andrew occasionally since before I was blogging myself. You might notice that his blog is on my rather selective blogroll and it’s been there from very early on. The link will remain there. He struck me as a smart, insightful, cordial, decent guy.

He left a post to be published in case of his death and it’s up on Obsidian Wings.

James Joyner has a longer commentary.

I’m overcome.

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  • kreiz Link

    Yesterday, I specifically recalled your link to Andrew’s blog. Given the selectivity of your blogroll, I saw viewed it your acknowledgment of his fine work; it spoke well of both of you.

  • Tom Strong Link

    I think that’s the first time I’ve ever wept, reading a blog.

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