After Action Report

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but even if you make what is essentially the same menu year after year for Thanksgiving you vary things just slightly, enough that the results are a little different every year. At least that’s the way it is for me.

This year some things turned out okay, some turned out very well, and some were the best I’ve ever made.

The turkey, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin chiffon pie were okay. Smoking a turkey when the temperature outdoors is around 20°F is a challenge. My pie crust slid a little.

Since my sweet potatoes were an experiment I wasn’t disappointed. I tried out the Stokes Purple this year, peeling and slicing them along with some ordinary yellow sweet potatoes, dotting them with butter, splashing them with a bit of bourbon, and baking them in a medium oven. The Stokes has a nice flavor and a much firmer texture than ordinary sweet potatoes. I think it would excel as an ingredient, in a sweet potato pie or sweet potato gnocchi, for example. I may try that out with those I have left.

My dressing turned out very well. Its texture was excellent; it could have used a bit more seasoning, something I’ll remember for next year.

My cornbread turned out very well. I like my cornbread a bit more corn-y than they turned out but it was still very good. My cranberry sauce turned out very well.

My rolls were probably the best I’ve ever made. I was trying out a new recipe which I will unquestionably use again. I’ll pass it along later.

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  • steve Link

    I love smoked turkey. I would never try it when it is that cold. You must be nuts! (Or have an hellacious smoker.)


  • CStanley Link

    We’ve tried the smoking in cold weather and found it difficult as well. A lot of alcohol was consumed in the process.

    I tried brining last year and repeated it this year- will definitely continue this method in the future- very moist and flavorful. I thought it would be a lot of work but really it makes Thanksgiving morning easier because the bird is already cleaned and mostly prepped. Had a 26 pounder this year, so I was worried that it wouldn’t fit in the bag but it just fit.

    Cornbread stuffing with andouille has become my standby.

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