After Action Report

A 15 hour work day gets harder with every passing year. The precinct to which I was assigned was about a mile south and east of where I live in the charming Chicago neighborhood of Mayfair. Things went very smoothly and I got along famously with my co-workers. There were only three of us so we had plenty to do.

Voter turnout was a bit lower than I think it probably was in my home precinct, just shy of 50%. That’s still a bit higher than the city-wide turnout which is believed to have been between 40% and 45%, about what I’d expected.

I spent a bit of time chatting with the local precinct captains. If what they had to say is any gauge, support for Emanuel’s election from the powers-that-be may not translate into support for his policies and programs, whatever they might be.

We had no unusual incidents during the voting, things went well, the polls opened and closed on time, and we had tallied the vote, done the required bookkeeping, and cleaned up the site by 8:00pm.

Today I’m dragging myself around.

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  • steve Link

    15 hours? Those do get more difficult. My 24hour shifts are starting to get to me. Was there talk about the overall quality of the candidates.


  • PD Shaw Link

    FWIW, my city had 22.8% turnout for it’s mayoral runoff, and 45% turnout in my precinct.

  • 15 hours? Those do get more difficult.

    In younger days I occasionally worked 36 hours running. I don’t mean I was on call for 36 hours but that I actually worked 36 hours straight without sleeping or eating or otherwise taking a break. Just drank coffee and worked.

    Right now I feel about the way I used to after pulling one of those.

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