Advice on Butter-Making

Glenn Reynolds calls attention to this article on the evolution of the technology of butter churns. He closes with the following:

Now I’m thinking I should buy it and make some homemade butter.

One bit of advice. If you decide to try making your own butter, don’t use anything that’s labeled “Ultra-Whipped” or that contains carrageenan or other gelling agents. However it’s labeled, it’s not whipping cream. It’s “cream-like product”. It won’t turn into butter when you whip it the way real heavy cream does.

Hereabouts Dean’s Heavy Whipping Cream, the stuff in the purple container, is the most readily available version of real, honest-to-gosh whipping cream. I don’t use anything else. It’s a bit more expensive than the “cream-like product” but it’s worth it. If it has any ingredients other than cream in it, don’t buy it.

And you can, in fact, make butter by whipping it.

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  • Andy Link

    The last time I made butter was probably 30 years ago with my Mom. Actually, I should say the last time I intentionally made butter was back then. On several occasions I’ve overdone the whipped cream to make some quasi-butter.

  • steve Link

    Yes. I made the chiffon pie again this year and got distracted while whipping the cream. Wife made fun of me.


  • Yes. I made the chiffon pie again this year and got distracted while whipping the cream.

    That’s one of the reasons I generally whip cream by hand. Slips tend to be less catastrophic.

  • jan Link

    This comment isn’t necessarily about ‘butter,’ but does fit somewhat into a food category.

    I’ve been doing a lot of reading these past few days, due to the rainy weather abounding outside. There was an interesting article dealing with old age, and the various components associated with living to a 100 and beyond (besides good health care). They are: plant-based diet, prayer, meditation/napping, and having a purpose in life.

    Complimenting this National Geography scientific investigation was another article touting coffee consumption, saying that those who drank more of it lived longer. I was very comforted to hear that….

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