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Another of my dad’s editorials. I probably should mention that my dad had seen Hitler’s handiwork first-hand. He spent much of 1938 in Germany and was a witness to Kristallnacht. I’m trying to put the journals he kept of his trip into shape (actually most of the work is being done by my wife) and when they’re ready I’ll probably be publishing them here.

Now the editorial.

Adolf Hitler, who was named “Man of the Year” by Time magazine eleven months ago, has been chosen “the greatest living person” by Princeton freshmen.

This suggests that the Princetonites have not read the papers since August 23, when the Russo-German non-aggression pact was signed. For if the ability to get something for nothing and to bully other people is the determining factor in greatness, Stalin obviously is out-Hitlering Hitler.

Fortunately, the Princeton freshmen have four years of college ahead of them, in which they can ruminate on world affairs. It would be interesting to learn what their vote would be on the same question in June, 1943-and where Hitler would stand then.

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  • Courageouse Truth Link

    Yes,and my family both lived and or visited Germany at that time too.It was absolutely a wondrous place.National unity,no crime,no unemployment,and a high culture,and advancing science like a war on cancer,and tv in 36.Gone was the divisions,doubt,and uglyness of Weimer.Than the International Jews demanded first boycotts,and than the war they always love,when Britain and France declared war on the Reich in 1939 over a German City for 1000 years,Danzig.So I cry not for any ‘victim’s,when ou agiate and demand a world war don’t think you won’t get hit.

  • Ben Colett Link

    I am new to this site and am very curious if this task ever progressed as I would be very interested in his first hand accounts.

  • Thanks for commenting, Ben. I’m still working on it. Thanks for reminding me. I need to go back to it.

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