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It’s been a very long time since I’ve added any blogs to my blogroll. That’s not because I’m not reading any blogs other than the ones that are already in my blogroll but because I’m very, very selective about the blogs that I do put on my blogroll. That probably costs me a little traffic but relatively speaking that’s a matter of indifference to me. Both are group blogs.

Stubborn Facts is a center-right blog that really deserves to be more widely recognized. I’ve found them consistently reasonable.

Democracy Arsenal is a rara avis: a center-left blog that’s interested in foreign policy and well-informed on the subject. I don’t entirely understand the reasons for it but my experience has been that most left of center blogs are interested in foreign policy only as a club with which to beat the Bush Administration over the head. That’s not true of Democracy Arsenal (although they’re not averse to bashing the Bush Administration over the head) and I greatly appreciate the points of view of the authors.

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  • Thanks, Dave! We’ll continue to do our best to be thoughtful, intelligent, reasonable, and civil. 🙂

    There really are some excellent blogs out there that are more interested in promoting discussion than in frothing up the zealots, and I hope they get a lot more attention this election cycle. The potential of the blogosphere goes far beyond the circuses and blood-letting of the rabid wing sites.

  • You’re welcome, Tully. As you may have noticed I try my best to be one of civil thoughtful sites.

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