Speaking of a sour mood, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn shouldn’t take much solace from that of Illinois voters:

Republican challenger Bruce Rauner has edged further ahead in his battle with Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn for the governorship of Illinois.

The latest Rasmussen Report telephone survey of Likely Illinois Voters finds Rauner with a five-point lead – 44% to 39% – over Quinn. Seven percent (7%) like some other candidate in the race, and 10% are undecided.

I don’t think that reflects the popularity of newcomer Bruce Rauner so much as a general “anybody but Quinn” sentiment.

Sadly, Pat Quinn isn’t the problem or, at least, isn’t the only problem. The real problem is the Illinois state legislature and, absent some great anti-incumbent wave, we will have the same old legislature with the same old leaders next as we have had this year. So many state legislators run unopposed that it would take a write-in movement and Illinois’s restrictions on write-ins are so severe that would be an extreme longshot. Illinois’s incumbents don’t take any chances.

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