A week after

We’re all slowly adjusting to Jenny’s absence. The dogs are each responding in very different ways. We’re somewhat surprised that Qila doesn’t really seem to notice her absence. Tally, who was with us when Jenny died, has been extremely sad all week.

Most surprising is Mira’s reaction. Over the last week she’s behaved in an uncharacteristically mature and responsible manner. She’s adopted a number of Jenny’s behaviors and favorite places to rest for the first time. She genuinely seems to be trying to take care of all of us.

I didn’t mention it last week but we were out of town at my niece’s high school graduation when Jenny died. We had taken Jenny and Tally with us. I don’t think that the trip was contributory in any way to Jenny’s death. She was eating the same food and wasn’t drinking local water (we always give the dogs bottled water when traveling).

The point I wanted to make to you was this: my wife was enormously provident in getting a recommendation for an emergency vet before setting out on our trip. By all means travel with your dogs. But prepare for the trip: pack their food and water and treats, make sure that wherever you’re staying takes dogs, and have the name, address, and phone number of an emergency vet convenient to where you’ll be staying handy so you’ll be ready for the worst.

The emergeny vet was kind enough to arrange for Jenny’s cremation and having her remains shipped back to us. Jenny is home now.

So many people have been tremendously kind to us since learning that Jenny died—we’ve received dozens of cards and notes. When we informed our regular vet, Bobbie Drell, that Jenny had died she and her staff arranged to donate a goat through Heifer International. If you’re not aware of it, Heifer International provides livestock and training so that families around the world can improve nutrition and earn extra income for health care, shelter and education for children. Each gift multiplies because every family that receives a Heifer animal promises to “pass on the gift” by giving one or more of their animal’s offspring and knowledge to another family in need.

So our dog who gave so much to many people will continue to give after her death.

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  • Ann Julien Link

    That’s great, the Heifer gift is a wonderful way to remember Jenny. Thinking of you all, love, Ann and Mom

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