A single step

Most blogs are exercises in vanity and this one is no exception. I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the last year or so reading and commenting on other people’s blogs and I felt it was high time I started using my own bandwidth for my ruminations. I also wanted to be able to guide the conversation a little more.

I plan on writing about politics, dogs, food, wine, genealogy, and anything else that interests me.

Initially this blog will be a monologue. But, hopefully, if I can make my blog a place where others come to visit on a regular basis, it will become a dialogue.

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  • Dave—looks so goooood! Congratulations on entering the world of blog. Did you mean 8:38 am?—or have you caught me napping? The logo looks very good, I think—-maybe we could come up with something you could use as a “signature” button? But honestly, I don’t know how you could improve on your post-name, which is “guy” (gEYE). Reminds me of our cats, which we call Kitty and Kitty. Love, Ann Julien, at 3:13 pm CST

  • Claire Link

    Hey Uncle David! I’m not sure what a “blog” is – i’m guessing an internet journal kind of thing, but I just thought I’d say hi – plus I wanted to be on your site! haha – I’m looking forward to visiting you guys Spring Break! Say hi to Mira for me! love, Claire

  • I can’t remember why I started blogging, beyond the intense curiosity I had when stumbling across my first, and my desire to tackle the technology. Now I can’t imagine what I would do with my spare time, and the connections I have made through my sites. Good luck with it all. 🙂

  • Welcome sarah!

    Come back and visit often.

  • SD Link

    Hi Dave,

    Read your posts all the time. Your last name jumps out at me as my maiden name was Shuler. I see you are interested in many things that I am and you’re in the Chicago area. I married a half-Irish guy from the south side so I was at the parade, too.

    Do you know of any relationship between our two Shulers or how important the “c” was to our families? My Shulers came from SC/NC around the early 1700’s.

  • Cool David. I have lots of reading to catch up on! Deanna from across the street

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